New England Weather & Her Challenges

There Are A Bunch of Great Reasons Why You Should Get That Snow Off Your Roof

Rigali Roofing & Exteriors is well-versed in the Roof Snow Removal business. There really are problems that can occur due to snow and leaving it on your roof. To explain, think of your roof split up in segments that are heated and others that are not (eaves). The snow melts over the heated part of your home and runs down to the unheated spot (the eaves) and promptly refreezes. Assisted by the gutter (when present), the ice builds and forms an ice dam. The water begins to leak back up under the shingles, through the roof and causing damage inside the home.

We can help you avoid this issue. Contact us for expert roof snow removal. It's affordable and the cost savings from damage avoidance makes this an even better service.
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